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Click here for details how to install the MPTCP Linux Kernel implementation.

This page is inspired by, but provides some additional features.

* NO, this page was loaded on port {{pageLoadPort}} without MPTCP support. You may or may not have MPTCP installed. Maybe it works on other ports. Just start the additional measurements and find out :-)

* YES, this page was loaded on port {{pageLoadPort}} with MPTCP support. You may or may not have MPTCP on other ports. Just start the additional measurements and find out :-)

Do you want to write your own scheduler?

Multipath TCP On Different Ports

Some middleboxes block Multipath TCP on certain ports. It's possible, for example, that a middlebox blocks MPTCP on port 80, but not on other ports. The table below shows some common TCP ports and if the connection between you and our server uses MPTCP on this port.

As Multipath TCP creates multiple subflows, you might be curious about the number of subflows you currently use to communicate with our webpage. We recurringly measure and show the number of sublfows for MPTCP connections.

How do we calculate one-way delay estimates?

Check here for details.

Speed Test

If you want to see how Multipath TCP boosts your bandwidth, just start a speed test.

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This speedtest is still experimental. Sampling the subflows throughput at the server side might introduce small artefacts. Please inform us if you experience problems.

The speedtest is only for MPTCP users. If you would use Multipath TCP, you could use our speed test to see how MPTCP boosts your bandwidth.

Lab: Proof that you are using MPTCP

We use this page for our lab assigments at KOM. Sign your student Id to proof that you are using MPTCP. Please contact me if you are giving a lecture on MPTCP and want to use this page for your lab assignments.

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